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Hi I'm Joe from Rocky Point. And it got a reserve mortgage through Russell and believe me – it saved our lives. I wouldn't be on the island, much less in this house, if it wasn't for the reverse mortgage and working with Russell was a dream. He was so patient with us – because we kept teetering back and forth, and he was just a great guy and we're still in touch with him. We call him every now and then and he calls us. It was a friendly situation.
- Joe

Hi I'm Carol I'm Joe's wife from rocky point. I couldn't say it any better than my husband did. I think Russell is wonderful. If we hadnt gotten the reverse mortgage, again, we would not be in our home. So we thank him very much and we're very pleased with the outcome.
- Carol

Hello – this is Lillian from fresh meadows and i had the pleasure of having Russell help me and tell me about the reverse mortgage. He did a very good job on it and I'm very pleased. I can't believe how quickly the reverse mortgage was done.
- Lillian

I'm Lina from the Bronx. If you need help with the reverse mortgage please call Russell. He will go all the way out for you. It's one of the best things that they have for the senior citizens. Russell helped me with the reverse mortgage. I was approved by Russell.
- Lina

Hi this is Phil from Holbrook. I just want to say a few words about russ arceri. I think he's absolutely tremendous in his job. He knows the reverse mortgage industry forwards and backwards – and i had trepidations about it but he just kinda hand-walked me through everything and it was the greatest decision that i ever made. He was instrumental in helping me make that right decision. He's a good man and i respect him highly.
- Phil


- Mark





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